Smart Home

It is believed that average household could have over 200 smart devices in the future. Managing such large number of devices can be a daunting task. At Opulinks we believe integrated low power SoC such as Wi-Fi and LE can dramatically make device pairing and cloud connection much easier and more scalable.


While today’s the majority of wearable products come with LE connection, there has been increasing demand to add Wi-Fi for indoor location, direct cloud connection or faster data sync up. Integrated low power Wi-Fi and LE SoC is perfect to serve such market trend.


The Cost of hospital asset tracking and patient care taking have been rising. Sensors equipped with Low power Wi-Fi and LE can help to better locate equipments or patients and thus reduce cost for many health care companies.

Smart Industrial

Digital technologies have revolutionized the world of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Connecting sensors, machines and operation management to the cloud is a critical task to reduce cost. Low power Wi-Fi can offer tremendous benefit to realize these possibilities.

Wireless Audio

Demand for high fidelity wireless headsets is getting higher. Transmitting uncompressed or lossless wireless audio via. traditional Bluetooth is becoming very challenging. Low power LE at 2Mbps or Wi-Fi 11b with wider bandwidth can be great choices for future high fidelity wireless audio headsets.