Industry experts

Opulinks was founded in 2015 by industry experts from world renowned wireless communication companies with vast proven records. We have offices in China (Shenzhen, Shanghai), Taiwan (Hsinchu) and US (Irvine, CA). Our goal is to deliver true low power wireless connectivity solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Low power solution

IoT is about connecting anything with everything to the cloud. Opulinks strives hard to leverage our expertise in RFIC, mix signal, DSP and system integration to be the leading low power solution provider. We believe the key to spur more IoT linkages is to integrate multiple wireless connectivity protocols onto a single SoC.

SoC integration

Our expertise in SoC integration and low power design position us well to address multiple billion-dollar market opportunities. Ultimately we believe our approach can better serve the IoT market with scalable, better battery life and more secure connections.


In short about us

We know how to connect anything and everything to the internet.  To receive Product Brief, please leave your contact info and nature of your business. Our main office is located at F 28, No. 328, Huashan Rd, Shanghai, P.R.China Contact us!



  • Industry experts
  • Proven records in wireless communication
  • Offices in China, Taiwan and US
  • Expertise in RFIC, mix signal and DSP
  • Specializes in SoC integration