Data Sheet
DescriptionContentRelease Date
Download Link
OPL1000-DS-NonNDA.pdf OPL1000 Non-NDA Version Data Sheet2018-07-01
Design Guideline/Hardware Resources
DescriptionContentRelease Date
Download Link
OPL1000-SDK-Development-guide.pdfIntroduce how to develop user application based on OPL1000 DEVKIT and SDK package.
OPL1000-HDK-Development-guide.pdf Introduce how to develop user application based on OPL1000 DEVKIT and HDK package.
Getting Started
DescriptionContentRelease Date
Download Link
OPL1000-DEVKIT-getting-start-guide.pdfIntroduce how to use OPL1000 DEVKIT board and its external communication ports. 2018-06-07
OPL1000-SDK-getting-start-guide.pdfOPL1000 SDK package brief description and keilc project setting etc. 2018-06-07
OPL1000-patch-download-tool-user-guide.pdfOPL1000 patch firmware download tool use guide 2018-06-01
OPL1000-pinmux-tool-user-guide.pdfOPL1000 peripheral GPIO pin-mux setting tool use guide 2018-06-01
API References
DescriptionContentRelease Date
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OPL1000-WIFI-BLE-API-guide.pdfWIFI, BLE module API introduction 2018-07-07
Application Notes
DescriptionContentRelease DateDownload Link
OPL1000-Adaptive-DTIM-Solution-Guide.pdfAdaptive DTIM application, which used for power saving when working in WIFI mode2018-06-14
OPL1000-AT-instruction-set-and-examples.pdfAT command and examples, include WIFI and BLE AT2018-07-07
OPL1000-Flash-User-Guide.pdfIntroduce how to use OPL1000 DEVKIT flash component, include flash access API, flash item management etc. 2018-06-14
OPL1000-system-initialization-brief-introduction.pdfOPL1000 system initialization introduction, include cold boot and warm boot. 2018-06-07
OPL1000-WiFi-Interoperability-Results.pdfOPL1000 WIFI AP interoperability test result and summary 2018-06-14
OPL1000_peripheral_PWM_application_notes.pdfOPL1000 peripheral PWM application notes2018-06-14