Helping the Internet of Everything, Opulinks Technology creates wireless for the Internet of Things

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Helps Everything Connect, Wangling Technology creates a wireless connection SoC for the Internet of Things

Shenzhen Wangling Technology Co., Ltd. (Opulinks) is a high-tech company founded by the core R&D staff of the former Broadcom wireless connection IC team, aiming to provide high-performance, low-cost, low-power SoC chip solutions.

Shenzhen Wangling Technology Co., Ltd. (Opulinks) is a high-tech company founded by the core R&D staff of the former Broadcom wireless connection IC team, aiming to provide high-performance, low-cost, low-power SoC chip solutions.

Recently, Lin Mingyou, CEO of Shenzhen Wangling Technology Co., Ltd. (Opulinks) accepted an interview with the reporter. It is reported that Wang Ling, CEO of Wangling Technology, went to the United States to study when he was 13 years old. University UCSD and Master USC are all majors in electrical engineering. Lin Mingyou has great curiosity about electronics since he was a child. He likes to disassemble electronic products and analyze its internal structure. Lin Ming-you believes that wireless communication will be one of the major technologies to change the way of life in the future, so he joined the US wireless communications company Qualcomm and American Broadcom after graduation. In the past 20 years, Lin Mingyou has always focused on the research and development of wireless connection technology.

The picture shows Wang Lingyou, CEO of Wangling Technology

The picture shows Wang Ling, CEO of Wangling Technology.

“To contribute all the contributions to the society and contribute to the Internet of Things, this is not only my dream, but also the initial intention of the company that founded Wangling Technology.” Lin Mingyou said in an interview.

Have a strong R&D team

The most important thing in starting a business is talent. The core team of Wangling Technology is composed of the core R&D personnel of the former American Broadcom Wireless Connection IC team. Many team members joined Broadcom without Broadcom’s wireless communication products. Help Broadcom achieve the world’s number one position in the field of wireless connectivity communications. Therefore, the Wangling technology team has a thorough analysis of the market and products in the field of wireless communication and a strong control capability. Wangling Technology understands what the Internet of Things needs, and knows how to develop products to completely solve the problem faced by the Internet of Things. Wireless connection problem. Unlike other new competitors, Wang Ling, CEO of Wangling Technology believes that Wangling Technology should not use temporary products to attack the Internet of Things market just to reduce the price of products, because the Internet of Things market is very fragmented. Involved in the fields of car networking, medical net, wearable market, industrial net, smart furniture and smart city. Wangling Technology adheres to the advantage of attacking products that can enhance product value or differentiated applications. It has also been looking for system vendors and module manufacturers that can substantially add value or enhance applications to help develop new or improved existing products.

At present, Wangling Technology has R&D teams in Irvine, Southern California, Taiwan, Hsinchu, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

OPL1000 chip is a wireless connection SoC dedicated to the Internet of Things

In view of the problems faced by the current Internet of Things wireless connection technology, Wangling Technology has created a wireless low-power, wireless network connection, data processing, higher security protocols, and price-effective wireless for the Internet of Things. Connect to the SoC – OPL1000.

OPL1000 is an embedded multi-standard 2.4GHz wireless connection solution, which is a heavy product of Wangling Technology. It integrates Wi-Fi and low-power Bluetooth intelligence into one SoC, making IoT system interconnect design easier and more flexible to connect to the cloud. At the same time, Wangling Technology is dedicated to designing new IoT products that require low power consumption, providing customers with the industry’s lowest power consumption, highest performance, barrier-free connectivity, scalable network and lowest system cost. At present, the OPL1000 chip Wi-Fi power consumption is one-fourth of that of its peers. It completely breaks the specifications of existing products and can be used in the fields of wearable, consumer electronics, and industrial.

It is worth mentioning that the OPL1000 opens up new and innovative applications compared to solutions that only support a single protocol on the market. Its breakthrough architecture shares Wi-Fi and BLE radio, baseband and MAC for lower power consumption and lower cost.

OPL1000 joins security IP to protect user privacy

Any data can be transmitted to the cloud and connected by people through the SoC chip of Wangling Technology. How does Wangling Technology guarantee the privacy of users?

It is well known that the openness and sharing of wireless networks creates higher levels of vulnerability. The boundaries and path uncertainties in the network make it vulnerable to external attacks and damages. Natural or artificial potential hazards and security threats such as information theft or interception, data corruption, unauthorized access, etc., are common. The development of the network, the use of network communication and processing of information has become more and more common, which makes wireless security protocols more important. For this reason, Wangling Technology has never stopped the revision and exploration of wireless network security standards.

Wangling Technology pays great attention to the issue of user privacy protection. Wangling Technology has added security IP (Intellectual Property Rights) in OPL1000. It is a very complete and high-end hardware that can guarantee the security of wireless transmission. Encryption and integrity protection of data.

Mass production using the OPL1000 chip’s disposable temperature sticker program in September

It is reported that the disposable temperature sticker produced by Shenzhen Chuangbo Shi Technology Co., Ltd. is expected to be mass-produced in September. This disposable temperature sticker uses the OPL1000 chip structure produced by Wangling Technology. It is a disposable thermometer that can be attached to the temperature under the handcuffs. It can be powered by a button battery, and one battery can be used for one year. In addition, due to the airtight treatment, the disposable temperature sticker has the function of waterproofing and sweatproof.

Thanks to the use of the OPL1000 chip, this temperature sticker has Wi-Fi and BLE dual model, not only has the ability to quickly connect to the mobile phone, but also can directly connect to the router to upload data to the cloud, so that the family can view the child on the APP remotely through the mobile phone. Or the temperature of the old man.

Wifi+BLE dual-mode intelligent weight scale solution using OPL1000 chip

In addition, the OPL1000 chip is widely used in other technology-based smart products. It is reported that the intelligent weight scale scheme designed by Weichuan Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. uses the OPL1000 chip design of Wangling Technology, so that the only Bluetooth single-mode access can be quickly upgraded to Wifi+BLE dual. The smart weight scale of the mode access solution allows users to disconnect from the mobile phone and directly connect to the cloud through Wifi technology. In the cloud, analyze their body weight, body fat percentage, BMI, visceral fat rate, basal metabolism, muscle mass, bone mass and body moisture rate. And many other human data indicators. At the same time, Micro-Smart Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. also launched two flash general-purpose hardware modules with 2Mbits and 4Mbits based on the OPL1000 chip.

Participated in Wuxi 2018 World Internet of Things Expo

From September 15 to 18 this year, the 2018 World IoT Expo hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province will be held at the Taihu International Expo Center in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. The conference will be “a new era of digital new economic material associations”. As the theme, we will look forward to the broad prospects of the Internet of Things and focus on the development of the Internet of Things. At that time, Wangling Technology will also participate in the Wuxi 2018 World Internet of Things Expo with heavy products to contribute to the Internet of Things wireless connection technology, so stay tuned.

Wangling Technology participated in the scene of Wuxi 2018 World Internet of Things Expo

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