The world’s first uncompromised wireless connectivity SoC dedicated to IoT

OPL1000 is an embedded multi-standards 2.4GHz wireless connectivity solution. It integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart into one single SoC to make IoT system interconnect design and connect to the cloud much easier with more flexibility. designed from scratch targeting exclusively for emerging IoT product applications where low power is demanded. It delivers industry lowest power consumption, highest performance, hassles free connectivity, scalable network, and lowest system cost.

Best solution to address heterogeneous network

OPL1000 opens up new innovative applications comparing to solutions that only support single protocol. Its breakthrough architecture shares Wi-Fi and LE radio, baseband and MAC, so lower power and cost can be achieved.

  • Wi-Fi 11b up to 11Mbps
  • BT 5.0LE + 2Mbps data rate
  • Outstanding RF performance
  • Ultra low power
  • Dual ARM Cortex M0 / M3
  • Extensive peripherals
  • Integrated PMU
  • Complete hardware security crypto engine
  • DC analog inputs