Integrating Multiple Protocols

Architected and designed from scratch

Our products combine and share in both hardware and software 2.4 GHz WI-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) radio and baseband into a true low power and cost effective SoC specifically for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The fast switching time division operation scheme allows both Wi-Fi and LE perform at its best without compromise.

At Opulinks, we take security seriously. We have taken extra step to include all necessary security protocols into a single chip. With the ARM dual core architecture running up to 176MHz and the build in hardware crypto engine, security can be run and executed with little or no delay.

Low power architecture

Power consumption, communication distance and data throughput requirements continue to push IoT wireless connectivity SoC product designs with ever increasing innovation and greater system complexity. With our new low power Wi-Fi/LE connectivity products, end users can finally add higher performance Wi-Fi capabilities at LE power level. When connected in LE, the battery life can be prolonged even more. OPL1000 has the performance and flexibility of a combo connectivity SoC but without the combo power and price penalty due to its unique single interfused hybrid architecture that can support a wide range of battery operated products with the support of multiple wireless connectivity standards.