Ultra low power,
combo (WiFi/BLE),

we are a fabless IC design company that
has an international team.

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Multiple Protocols.

Integrated, low power architecture

  • Shared 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and LE radio
  • Shared Wi-Fi and LE baseband
  • Dual processor architecture to provide more MIPS for customized applications
  • On chip full security suite for better and faster security processing
  • Low voltage operation enables LE to run at record low power
  • Shared architecture allows Wi-Fi to run at record low power consumption
  • Dual Wi-Fi PA for application specific current optimization

Our Product OPL1000

It integrates ultra low power Wi-Fi 11b and Bluetooth Smart (LE) into a single SoC to make IoT system interconnect design and connect to the cloud much easier with more flexibility.

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Our Company

we have offices in:

  • China (Shenzhen, Shanghai)
  • Taiwan (Hsinchu)
  • US (Irvine, CA)

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